Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Labradors' Walk 2 : Walk Harder

OK, in any order Blogger wants because that's what Blogger gets.

#3 Peri (left) and Harki(right) Giving a very good imitation of the Roman god Janus. Harki is pointing the right way.

#2 Into the crispy icy bush and off they go togethe along the path. She is very happy and has a very waggy tail!!!!

#1 While Peri sits and waits, just because I make her, Harki is allowed to take off over the bridge.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

There...and not quite back!!!!! Part 1

Inspired by Susan and Finlay the dog's 'going for a walk' posts: here and here, I am posting The Labradors' walk in pictures. We went at 8-40am as I was having a lovely sleep in, and it was icy cold : -1*C at least and everything has an icy white covering!!! Here they are when they first hop out of the car and MUST smell every new smell!!!

Then there is the obligatory romp with excitement. I must say that this makes Harki, on the left, look like a monster, but it is a trick of the camera!! Peri is a rowdy rebel romper and Harkiis playing. I assure you!!!!

When we get near the road into the dam, leads are on, as there could be cars. You can see the ice and in the very distance the white sign we are aiming for!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run!!!

The Labradors had a big energetic run at the dam. They are so fast that they blur, like The Flash!! Harki is in the lead and Peri is following her. Peri is much faster than Harki normally, so Harki must have had a head start.
They are exhausted today. Harki went to the Vet to be vaccinated and was worn out with all the excitement of that, a walk, and morning tea with the GardyGardeners. Peri stayed at home inside, and bayed at the Sun till the neighbours became worried. She popped her head out the window to see them , but it didn't help. Now they are both asleep on the couch......

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Peri swimming toward the shore

Harki has a stick and she's in deep water!!!

Look at them go!! They love the water!!!

Peri on the left and Harki on the right

wagging their tails as they swim...

It has been so hot, that The Labradors enjoyed their swim more than anything else this week. Harki has become a real swimmer. She dog paddled away, sometimes after Peri, but this week she found a ball and she swam after that a lot. She was menaced by a lone thong ( flip flop??) and stalked it!! Peri swam far and wide, after sticks, after Harki, or just because she could!! They frolicked in the shallows, and swam together for about 20 minutes till they were thoroughly wet and very cool. When they are wet you can see how nice and thin they are now. Thanfully it is much cooler today and we are all recovering from the incessant heat!!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Waiting for ....anything reall!!!!

Harki loves her treat!!!!!!
Peri is alert even when almost asleep!!!!!!!!!
It has been warm again, but not too hot. The Labradors have had some lovely walks at the dam, but no swims. Harki has had a bit of FlippyFloppy ear but I put some drops in, and it seems to have cleared up. Peri has been a good girl. She has to have pretend drops. Peri has been working on the 'Wait' command. She can't wait to eat her treats and so we have been trying hard. She can do sit and wait before her breakfast and she can wait to get out of the car or to have her turn at being off the lead. She can even wait when she is off the lead!!
Harki has been in protection mode lately. There have been a lot of people out and about with dogs and skateboards and bikes. She makes sure they all behave themselves!!! Yesterday the Post woman came to our front door!! They were extremely excited!!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Feelin' hot, hot, hot!!!

Aunty Captain Mrs Archer says I have neglected the Dogblog and she is right. I am making a sticky note to remind me to post regularly!!!
The Labradors suffer from the heat. We are well matched in this. It was very hot, 31*C yesterday, hot last night and it is already 27*C at 9-50am. We still have the hottest part of the day to come. They have been for a walk, run wildly through the bush, eaten cold grapes and now they are sleeping on the cool slate in a breeze.
Harki made a half-hearted attempt to play but the heat overwhelmed her. Peri jumped into the paddle pool. She rolled in something smelly so she’s banned from half the house.
They are both still very thin – they are having zucchini boiled in some vegetarian ‘chicken’ stock, and some dry dog food. There will be some pictures of the Labradors in the paddle pool if the jolly blogger will pupload them. I am up to try #3.....
Love the typo!!!! Pupload indeed!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Weather or not???

The WeatherPixie